HorseDancer Consulting, LLC


Look for these signs to see if you need help.


Growing Pains

  • Accounting software won't produce the reports I need
  • Will upgraded technology help productivity?
  • Staff discontent
  • Do I need to change accounting systems?

Something Just Isn't Right

  • Charges from CPA/tax preparer are too high
  • Cash flow issues
  • Unable to get timely reports
  • Am I vulnerable to theft and fraud?
  • I just have a bad feeling

Starting a new business

  • I need help setting up accounting systems to manage my business
  • I need help so my CPA/tax preparer has the data they need
  • What are best practices for my type of business

I Need Help!

  • I don't understand financial reports
  • Why am I spending so much time with bookkeeping tasks
  • I'm working all the time but I just can't meet expenses