Examples of our unique array of concierge services


  • Take a broad overview of your business accounting, support, and training needs. 
  • Evaluate changes that will make your accounting department more productive.
  • Share best practices


  • Accounting system makeover
  • Determine what reports you need for decision making
  • Evaluate the need to update or change your accounting system
  • Help you select the right accounting system


  • Help you and your staff understand the accounting system, what gets posted where and WHY.
  • Guide you in reading and evaluating your financial reports.
  • Keep on until you "get it!"
  • Train your staff and be the glue through changing times.


  • If there's a way to streamline a process, I'll find it!
  • Never do manually what a computer can do quicker and more accurately.
  • DataMash Connect (TM) can transfer data between programs when no automatic interface exists.

Ongoing Support & Oversight

  • Perform periodic "reality checks" of your accounting records and make necessary corrections through the year.
  • Be available for questions.  It's much less expensive to do it right the first time than fix it later.
  • Provide assistance via secure, remote connection.  It's efficient, cost effective and encourages staff to get help.


  • Talk with your CPA/tax preparer about your accounting system and about new situations in your business as they arise.
  • Talk with your network/IT company about issues and needs.
  • Write system specifications custom program needs.

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