HorseDancer Consulting, LLC


Our unique array of concierge Business Accounting Services



  • Take a broad overview of your business accounting, support, and training needs. 
  • Evaluate changes that will make your accounting department more productive.
  • Evaluate your internal accounting  controls
  • Share best practices

Business Accounting & Oversight

  • Perform monthly, quarterly, and annual period end processes.
  • Perform periodic "reality checks" of your accounting records and make necessary corrections through the year.
  • Provide assistance via secure, remote connection.  It's efficient, cost effective and encourages staff to get help. It's much less expensive to do it right the first time than fix it later.

Internal controls

  • Identify areas of vulnerability to theft and loss in your business accounting.
  • Implement internal controls to minimize risk.
  • Perform periodic reviews for internal controls conformity.

Accounting Software services

  • Accounting system makeover
  • Configure accounting system for meaningful management reporting
  • Advanced reporting with F9 report writer
  • Evaluate the need to update or change your accounting software


  • If there's a way to streamline a process, I'll find it!
  • Never do manually what a computer can do quicker and more accurately.
  • DataMash Connect (TM) can transfer data between programs when no automatic interface exists.


  • Help you and your staff understand your accounting system, what gets posted where and WHY.
  • Guide you in reading and evaluating your financial reports.
  • Keep on until you "get it!"
  • Train your staff and be the glue through changing times.