About Us


Ann R. Beauchamp, BS

Originally  from Augusta, GA, Ann holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from the College of Charleston (SC), graduating at the top of  her class.  She worked in the Certified Public Accounting arena for over 35 years, both in staff positions and as Director of Computer Services.  Since 2007 she has operated her own consulting business 

On a Personal Note ...

Operating Principles

  • My job is to work myself out of a job (almost)
  • I want to teach my clients to do everything they can, it's more cost effective that way
  • If it’s not right, it’s wrong. Let’s fix it and use “an ounce of prevention” so it doesn’t happen again
  • Be accessible and available. Have someone you know and trust to answer questions


My clients talk about their experience

I've worked with many of my clients for more than 20 years.  Click below for some of their experiences.

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