HorseDancer Consulting, LLC


On a Personal Note ....



I am honored be a Red Cross volunteer to serve in shelters during disasters and other catastrophic events and respond to assist victims of fires.  I advocate for the Red Cross in fund raising events, work place giving campaigns, and volunteer recruitment.  

As a volunteer, I am blessed as much as the people we serve. 

Ballroom dancer

Dancing is my passion.  I work with 2 professional instructors and compete often.  You will also find me having fun at Ballroom Dance Club and other dance venues.  When traveling, I look for places to dance socially and even work with different coaches in my travels.

Other extracurricular activities

I currently sing with the choir at St. Michaels Church in downtown Charleston. When schedule permits, I also sing with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra Chorus. I frequently enjoy attending Charleston Symphony concerts and other concerts, plays and events.

About the logo

In my early years, I rode horses, participated in fox hunts and horse shows, and developed an interest in dressage, which is special training to develop the horse's natural athletic abilities.  Later in life when I was introduced to ballroom dancing.  That quickly became my passion.  The horse in the logo is a Lippizanner, (think Spanish Riding School in Vienna).  The dress is patterned after my competition gown with a Christian fish symbol subtly outlined in the skirt.  Thus HorseDancer Consulting, LLC was born from the logo designed by Caity Booman.